we solve global problems
with local knowledge

Customslawgroup (platform) links companies and individual clients with specialised law firms with knowledge and experience in the area of movement of goods and services across borders. We help clients to benefit from international trade with our strategy to provide advice to our clients and to execute it effectively.

Law firms gathered on this
platform on Customlawgroup

  • help clients to navigate in international trade services
  • offer tailor-made solutions through
    counselling on all types of customs matters, no matter how complex the problem or transaction of the client is
  • represent clients before tax and customs authorities

Why Custom Law Group?

  • Facilitates the reachability of professional counselling for clients regardless their place of establishment, the place of (intended) business or the place of business dispute
  • Provides fast and first class services to all clients
  • Matches supply of specialized legal services and demand for legal solutions